Information About Implantation Symptoms And Signs

Many experts regard implantation as the moment at which pregnancy begins. It is a moment that couples who are trying to have a baby strive for. The technicalities surrounding implantation and what has to occur to make it happen will be described later in this article. We will also look at Implantation symptoms and signs, and the tests that can be done to check for pregnancy. Furthermore, we will describe some of the side-effects associated with implantation, and the time over which you can expect it to take.


Implantation symptoms are quite specific but, due to their nature, they can be mistaken for the onset of the menstrual cycle. The best way to spot symptoms of implantation is to look for what is known as ‘spotting’- minor blood release – around one week prior to your expected period. It can also be associated with stomach cramps. However, these are not definite signs of pregnancy and can be associated with other conditions. This is why it is best to take a proper test. Furthermore some women become pregnant without showing any signs, and this is far from uncommon. In fact, it is considered quite rare to show any definite signs of implantation.

What Is Implantation?

Let’s describe the process that implantation takes in order that we can see how it occurs: for implantation to take place the egg must have been fertilised by the sperm. Following this, the fertilized egg attaches to the inner wall of the uterus, having travelled down the fallopian tube. This where it gains the vital oxygen and other essential nutrients that will allow it to develop. It is essential that the fertilised egg attaches correctly in order to progress into pregnancy.

How Long Does It Take?

The process of implantation –that is the fertilization of the egg and it attaching to the uterine wall – takes anywhere between seven to nine days. During this time it will have divided naturally several times. Implantation becomes a pregnancy at this point, assuming all is well with the woman carrying the egg.

When I Can Do The Test?

A pregnancy test can be taken after one week to nine days following intercourse. If you think you may be pregnant it is important that you determine whether you are, and you should see a doctor as soon as it is possible. Do not assume you are pregnant simply because you experience the symptoms described above. However, the following are also indications you may be pregnant:

  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen and tender breasts
  • Cravings for or aversions to certain food
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Fainting and dizziness

Again, each and every one of these can be a sign of another condition, so a medical diagnosis for pregnancy is essential.

How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last?

As we have said it is somewhat rare for a woman to experience bleeding as a result of implantation. Generally, however, it will occur for the week before you are expecting your next period. It is always worth having unexpected bleeding checked by a doctor.

What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?

Implantation bleeding is minor and will appear as small spots of blood on the underclothes. It may also be accompanied by a brown or yellow discharge. Again, it is to be stressed that it is not a common occurrence, and this sort of bleeding is not an automatic indication of implantation.

When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

Bleeding, if it does occur, will begin a week after intercourse, assuming the egg was fertilized and is attached to the uterine wall. It will not occur at all in most cases.

How Long Does Implantation Take?

To reiterate: if an egg has been fertilized during intercourse it will complete its journey and division down the fallopian tubes and attach to the inner wall of the uterus between seven and nine days afterwards.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the process of implantation, what it is and why it occurs, as well as how to spot the various symptoms. If you do think you may be pregnant, it is best to seek expert medical advice straight away.

Written By Melissa Robertson

Dr. Melissa Robertson, MD, is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and she currently practices gynecology in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a physician with the OB/GYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches, Dr. Robertson’s goal is to improve the overall health and welfare of women from adolescent through childbirth.

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Melissa Robertson

Dr. Melissa Robertson, MD, is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and she currently practices gynecology in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a physician with the OB/GYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches, Dr. Robertson’s goal is to improve the overall health and welfare of women from adolescent through childbirth.

35 thoughts on “Information About Implantation Symptoms And Signs”

  1. Well its been like 2 months since i dont get my period ive tooken 2 test and they came out negitve but yesterday 10/16/2012 i started bleeding super light were on the next day the 17th and its still like this i dont have to wear a pad its not like my period it normally comes heavy but now its super light and my boyfriend came inside of me like 2 in half weeks ago what does this mean am i pregnant or not im confused please help me.

  2. hi. my period isnt due until sunday, and even though the test came back negative this morning, i am still positive that i am pregnant. ive had very light bleeding since friday night. i need to wear a pantyliner. ive been pregnant twice, and ive had this spotting twice. and now too. so i know that the test will come back positive this weekend. it sounds to me like youre pregnant. i would take another test in a few days to a couple weeks. and call the doctor either way. good luck.

  3. After sex with my now ex on 10/21/12 I noticed blood when I wiped. I was expecting my period to arrive the next day. After that however no blood was present; only when I wiped would I see occasionally hints of blood. I am very worried after reading this article on implantation.

  4. I had my period last Friday and had protected sex Saturday but at the end the condom broke but he still pulled out before he climaxed, today a week later Friday i am having dark brown spotting. I just had a baby in May, this didn’t happen at all.

  5. After 5 miscarriages, I’m scared to think I am pregnant. I am on a strict 27 day cycle, and am due the 10th. However, for the last week,I have been experiencing some weird, well, I don’t know what to call them. Milky white watery discharge, cramping, headaches, nausea/dry heaves, and I literally spent the whole day crying today for NO reason. I’m extremely bloated and constantly hungry. Lower back aches, my boobs feel like they are bruising and nipples went from pink to brown. white bumps around them. I have had one child who will be 4 this month and 5 miscarriages since her. My husband and I would like to be, we just don’t want to get our hopes up. Anything will help ladies!

  6. Hello, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year. Every month my period seems to start a week sooner so its hard to tell if its implantation bleeding. I’ve noticed this month that as I’ve started bleeding that it seems to have a different smell then normal. Does implantion blood smell different then normal period? Thanks

  7. Hello my husband and I have been trying for a couple of months now so I tried a fertility medicine and my husband and I had sex a couple of days after and now its 3weeks later and im having apink discharge it only last a day could that be implatation bleeding

  8. Me and my boyfriend had sex about a few days after my period and about 2 weeks after my period i started spotting and bleeding just a little bit it goes on and off and has been going on for about 3 days but not 3 days in a row. i called a nurse and she told me it could be implantation but im not surre. my periiod shound come in about a week to two weeks and i just want to know something before i start freaking out ! is this implantatiion bleeding?

  9. hi, me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant. we started trying about a week ago and since then he has came in me about 7 times. that was all the past two weeks. this morning i woke up and there was some blood in my panties but its not like me usual period it was very light. i read it had to be a brownish pinkish color and mine is reidish pinkish am i experiencing implantation bleeding? my period doesnt come until a week or so from now. im experiencing cramping and i have had mood swings and been more hungry than usual and ive been going to the bathroom more often. i dont have tender breast so im a little connfused. please help.

  10. Hello everyone! I have a few questions. My period is very regular 28 day cycle. I have 5 children already and had my last baby last Sept 2011. My last period was Nov 4th but dont think I ovulated until Nov 20th. We had lots of unprotected sex during this time. I had some what seemed like period cramps on Nov 29th three days before expected period and I noticed a very faint pink streak on the toilet paper after I wiped. No period started. The next day I noticed about 2 to 3 drops of brown discharge on the toliet paper after I wiped and then it stopped. The third day I wiped and noticed the faint pink streak again and no its stopped. I took a cheapie preg test this morn and it was negative. My normal period should start tomorrow.Ive never had implantation bleeding before and not sure whats going on or even if thats what it is. Should I try another preg test tomorrow? My period is due tomorrow. .

  11. I have a question! My period is regular,It just so happens my period had came about 4 days early and usually it comes on the 3rd of every month ,I was woken up by the pains of my cramps and that’s not normal for me usually i have no signs of my period approaching or any type of pains throughout my cycle and heavy bleeding occurs during my regular cycle No this time was different the bleeding was extremely light almost as if i wasn’t bleeding at all then come around the time my regular period begins the light bleeding had completely stopped later that day i spotted ,It’s hard for me to eat food just thinking about eating makes me loose all interest in food ,im always cold but here lately I’ve been very warm and I could sit out it 45 degree weather without a coat and still be warm,! I have occasional (very mild though) headaches I’m a bit more tired than usual and a bit more sensative than before!should i possibly take a test?

  12. Hi,please help me with answers,4/01/2013 was suppose to be my ovulation and I had inter course on that day and the next.Now on the 12th till now(14th) I started noticing light spottings of blood,not heavy like menses,a continious headache,minor tummy cramp and my normal period is supposed to start next tomorrow(16th).I’m newly married and eager to conceive my first child,do I wait til 16th or should I go for a preg text right away?Please help me……………..

  13. Hi. I’m just tryna find out where abouts I concieved. Okay, last year on July 26 2012 was the first day of my last period and usually lasts about 6 days.. Then when August’2012 came around I spotted right on the 31st the last day of the month and became pregnant. I had intercourse on the first week of August (not too sure what exact date) then again on the 18th of August then again on the 23rd. Where abouts did I concieve around????

  14. Hi! I took diane pills for almost 10 months because I had an irregular period before. The last pill that I took was on April 7, 2013. I got my period on April 12, 2013 and my boyfriend and I had an unprotected sex on April 20,21 and 28. Few days after intercourse, I experienced an on and off abdominal cramping, headache and I have this few white discharge as well until now. My next period will suppose to be between May 10 or 11. Could I be pregnant or its a just sign of PMS?

  15. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a couple months now. My periods have been kind of irregular. We have had intercourse almost every other day or every other day. Although we did miss a few days! :/ anyways… I have been spotting light pink and brown. Very very little I am on my 3rd day of this and I don’t need a pad or anything it is very light. I have been tired my lower back aches and I get nausea off and on.. My husband and I had sex tonight and I sat with a pillow under me for about 30 minutes then got up to wipe and kind of clean up! (I did not pee) and there was a little bit darker blood and more of it? I need help!! I hope someone will take the time and try and help me out! I see a lot of questions and no answers!! :(

  16. I am going to the doctor today and will update since no one ever does! So, what help is it if people don’t follow up!

  17. Hello! my period time came , but it is been four days so far and only little blood came out , without egg comes out, now it has stopped , what does it mean? am i done from period? and why not many blood came out?

  18. Hello! i am 24 years old – and still virgion ! my period time came , but it is been four days so far and only little blood came out , without egg comes out, now it has stopped , what does it mean? am i done from period? and why not many blood came out?

  19. I had my period the end of april it was light but lasted about 10 days, the last day of my period my husband and i had unprottected sex, the next morning i started to bleed a little but not enough to wear anything it just came out when i wiped that only last about an hour so i thought everything was fine and then we had sex again and the next morning i started to bleed and had a few blood clots but didnt last long but it has still been going on its been like 5 days… i have never experienced this before…

  20. I’ve been spotting for 2 days now and my cycle isn’t till next week what’s does that mean.. I’ve been having light cramps in my lower back, my breast been tender for 2 weeks now what does this mean.. I took 3 pregnancy test’s and they all was negative..

  21. what if i had a spotting light brown last april 14 and 15 then april 18 i had my menstruation for two days..and now may 16 til may 20 morning then stopped my mens then i had a watery blood last may 21 whole day?

  22. SO, I Had Sex 3 Times On My Fertile Week , & He came in Me all Those Three Days , Now ive Been Feeling Really Tired & having Head Aches >.< can some one give me an answer ?

  23. i had sex on monday mornign at 1 or 2 am, the condom broke he came inside me four days later i had a light period it lasted three days thn the next two/3 days was little spotting, i want to know the chances i am pregnant, i have cramps now even to the bleeding is over i wasnt to sure if my period was due the day after the sex or the next week but it came on a thursday.

  24. Ive had my period for 4 months while on depo. I recently got off of it in july 2013. Still bleeding regularly everyday on and off. The last week of august i had sex twice unprotected a week or so later i bled not.heavy jus regularly for about 3to 4 days then it turned O very light pink spotting only could see it when i wipe myself then i got white creamy discharge faintly for a day no my period is completely off!! I took TWO first response test both NEGATIVE. Im still having obvious pregnacy symptoms. Nausea constant peeing,worsens at night headaches mild backaches swollen.breasts urge more fatigue im.very tired and my very bloated!! And im having slight but sharp quick pains in my uterus and sides of my abdomen my.stomach is rock hard! too early to test??? Or im.jus not prego :(

  25. okay so , my period was due to come on the 19th , but it didn’t ! on yesterday i went to use the bathroom and wiped and there was a little watery bleeding so i used a liner to see would any be on there , but it was only some brown dry looking blood . I don’t know if this means that I am expecting or what somebody help me

  26. Im having a doubt.. On 21 jan my wife attend the periods. 3rd feb was 13thvday and on 18th day well mature egg and yet to repture. On 16th feb my wife saw a drop of blood, as she always attend periods 4 to 5 days early.. Now the blood was not usual as bleeding in periods.. Help me in this case

  27. I had my period on the 16th and ended on the 20th of February , Me and my boyfriend had sex a few days later , I waited at least 30 mins to an hour and when I wiped I had darkish pink and when I wiped It was pinkish , that has never happened before I just wanted to know what does that mean.

  28. I’m irregular. I found out in the last quarter of the year last year that I have PCOS. My OB prescribed me Provera to induce ovulation, it worked last year. I started to have my mense back a day after the last pill. But my menses span was almost 2mos so I went to another OB and got prescribed with Metformin. I’ve been taking 1500mg for 8 weeks and a few days now. I had some fair share of it’s side effects like nauseous, vomiting, loss of appetite, and going to the loo almost every now and then. After 4 weeks of taking it, I didn’t feel any of it’s side effect anymore. It was totally gone. — My boyfriend and I have been very active. I’m currently confused if I’m just thinking that I am pregnant or not. Because I’ve been feeling nauseous again on the 7th week. I felt terrible headaches for 4days; on the 9th – 12th day of my cycle. I usually have dysmenorrhea, but starting the 11th day of my cycle, I’ve been feeling dull something thingy around my abdomen area. I couldn’t classify it as cramping because it’s just slight. — I started feeling nauseous again on the 9th day of my cycle and until now then I don’t know why I’ve been thinking of eating food that is not available. When it’s there, I just suddenly loss my appetite. I don’t understand if it’s just psychological. I forgot to mention, I just had a lot of white creamy discharge, it doesn’t have any odor but it was enough and more than enough to make my panty wet. It’s the 22nd day of my cycle today. I feel like throwing up since the 9th day of my cycle and as the day pass by, I feel more and more sick but I never threw up. I just got this feeling of wanting to puke all day.

    Could I be pregnant?

  29. I had a really heavy period for two days march 19-20 then it stopped I had sex on the 25 and right after I started spotting now there is a little bit of blood when I wipe what does this mean plz help

  30. ok, so i had irregular periods on my last two cycles.. The 1st coming after 7 weeks and my just recent at 6 weeks, but on both occasions ending on a normal (for me) 5th day.. But on the 6th day after my recent period I noticed when I went to a toilet visit a spotting of red blood which freaked me out! I wiped 3-4 times until clear. It showed up only at that toilet visit and that was all. Then the following day after exercising it felt like I had pee’d my pants so I went to check and it was just a watery odorless discharge.. So the morale of the story is, just wondering what that could possibly be? Can you ovulate or have implantation bleeding as early as this off irregular cycles?? Me and my bf are both 24 this yr and have been trying for 8 months now with regular sex but with my cycles bein out of whack sometimes its hard to know when I ovulate or if I have..

  31. hey girls, I have been seeing blood only when I wipe, its not a uti. could I be pregnant? im still two weeks from my period.
    please help!

  32. I just had my period end on the 20th of April now four days later the day I am ovulating I am bleeding again but with dark heavy bleeding. I don’t know why? But me and my husband are trying to get pregnant. So just seeing if anyone has a answer.

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